6 Disasters Likely to Impact Your Data Center

Mitigating risk is a good practice for any business. When it comes to protecting your IT infrastructure, it’s as mission-critical as the data and applications it powers. Though downtime can arise from multiple seen and unseen factors, in a third of cases (33.9%) it can be attributed to one cause: natural disaster. But which are the most likely disasters to impact your data center? Familiarize yourself with this list to better form your business continuity plan and ensure uninterrupted up time. Hurricane or Tornado High winds from hurricanes and tornadoes can create devastating effects on your data center. Authorities like…

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A Cloud Computing Glossary

If you are new to cloud computing or are beginning to move an IT network to a private or public cloud, here is a top list of terms that you should know while researching cloud solutions. Platform as a Service (PaaS) – PaaS is simply delivering Operating Systems (OS) to desktops as a service via the Internet. Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) – IAAS allows you to spin up additional machines in the cloud depending on your local networks bottleneck. For example, if your Active Directory (AD) servers get hit hard at a certain time of day, you can spin up additional…

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