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Cloud Solution for Chemical Refining Company

CYANCO Case Study

Pain Points: Unmanaged infrastructure was causing outages that resulted in downtime and lost revenue which put the company’s critical ERP system and data at risk.

Solution #1: Cyanco Private Cloud

Global IP Networks designed and implemented the Cyanco Private Cloud environment to host the company’s ERP system along with a large portion of the company’s critical data. This new cloud environment allows maximum uptime for the ERP system which vastly increases daily products and shipments at the plant locations. Users experienced a large jump in system performance and reliability which boosted productivity and overall satisfaction. 

Solution #2: Streamlined IT Process and Procedures

Major areas of concern were addressed and improved by implementing various IT standards and processes that resolved issues with user support, employee onboarding, access and data protection.

Global IP Networks handles the technology procurement, deployment and standardized device configuration for all users. This process has significantly improved efficiency and user experience. It also reduces the support resolution time and allows quick and efficient employee onboarding process.

Access to company internal data and applications was secured and optimized with multi-factor authentication and centralized corporate VPN to reinforce collaboration and secure access for all office locations.

Solution #3: Disaster Recovery Plan

Global IP Networks developed a backup strategy and Disaster Recovery plan to ensure that Cyanco is ready for any emergency situation.

Benefits of Outsourced IT Services

As your business grows, it will naturally require more time, attention, and resources to maintain its technology and software. Rather than taking valuable assets from you or your team, trust Global IP Networks to provide managed IT support for every aspect of your network.
We understand the importance of having consistent access to a knowledgeable, experienced IT team. Whether collaborating with your IT department or providing a full end-to-end service, our team of experts will get your IT and technology infrastructure working efficiently for you to move your business forward.

Increase Protection and Reduce Costs with Cloud Disaster Recovery and Backups

If you suddenly lost all of your equipment, files, records, and most pertinent data, are you set up to recover it easily and timely? You might be tempted to think this will never happen to your business, but the reality is that no business is immune. From natural disasters like fires, earthquakes, storms, etc, to human negligence, the list of potential threats to your data, systems, and physical location goes on. Let Global IP Networks develop and implement disaster recovery and business continuity plan that works and tested to give you your peace of mind.

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