20+ years of tenaciously keeping networks running

Global IP Networks has been providing high-quality, high-touch, client-focused IT services since our founding in 2000. We didn’t set out to become a premier provider of managed IT and data hosting services. Like many great things in this world, our beginning was a humble one.

We were born at a kitchen table. On one fine evening in 2000, we gathered around to map out a plan for providing online services. Remember how slow the Internet was back then? To face those challenges, we armed ourselves with some really unconventional ideas.

One of those ideas was to provide these hosting services to churches at low costs, even for free. That’s how we got into hosting services for general business. By providing exceptional services to commercial clients, we were able to make enough revenue to allow us to donate our services to churches and non-profit organizations that truly needed the support.

Then, something amazing happened. Or maybe it was our work ethic and total dedication. In any case, our business grew and grew. It soon became obvious that we were not just a “home-based” business. As good stewards of our clients’ networks and our own growing business, we decided the next step was offering managed servers and true data center colocation.

So, we went way beyond mere hosting. We expanded our resources to offer clients vast amounts of bandwidth and power to match. And this meant high-tech cooling systems, lots of space and 24/7 support for the IT infrastructure we built.

All of this was accomplished with a roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic that was shared by our owners, our skeleton crew of IT experts and our clients. By working together as true partners, we were able to provide more than just colocation services—we provided a helping hand whenever and wherever it was needed. It’s an old recipe for success: build a business by building a relationship.

Born at the kitchen table — and now our head is in the clouds. Clients left and right started asking for assistance beyond colocation. With our growing team of IT experts, we met the client demand and started providing breakthrough solutions, IT architecture, IT management, monitoring and maintenance across all aspects of the IT landscape. We quickly evolved into something we never thought possible.

Driving sky-high performance with cloud-based solutions. Building a cloud-based network platform presented outstanding advantages to our clients. But as each client’s needs are unique, we engineered the ability to offer this service with private, public and hybrid cloud solutions for existing and new clients.

All of this technology is pretty miraculous. But at the end of the day, it’s people that make sure the technology runs. And when issues or problems arise, it’s people that solve them. That’s why we’ve consistently recruited the most talented, inspired and innovative IT experts to join our team. Exceptional people, people that relentlessly work to keep technology and business moving at top speed, are the stuff we are made from.

We are relentless. We never quit. Because we care about our customers like family. You will always get our loyalty, patience and persistence. We keep your net working.


You Have The Momentum. We Help Keep It Going.

At Global IP Networks, our mission is to keep your net working. Our team of dedicated, certified IT experts is 100% committed to your success. For over 20 years, we’ve relentlessly helped companies like yours tackle their IT challenges to maximize the security, uptime and performance of their networks.

That’s tenacity. That’s Global IP Networks.

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