Digital transformation

Are You Using IT Automation to Drive Business Results?

In the digital-based global marketplace of today, a business must be efficient and adaptable to stay competitive. Inefficient processes that lead to excessive downtime or other delays may give other companies the chance to outperform you and take your customers with them. Making use of IT automation in your company will allow you to: Streamline […]

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Advantages of Cloud Native Applications

 Cloud computing has drastically changed how companies and businesses handle their data and applications, and cloud services are becoming more popular. ‌Statista reports that the public cloud alone generated $130 billion from 2017 to 2020. Cloud native applications are a growing need for many — and they come with plenty of benefits, too. What Are […]

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How to Improve Cloud Services with Infrastructure Automation

The value of data in business is ever increasing. Ranging from performance reports and growth statistics to how daily operations are executed, data can easily become overwhelming without proper management and infrastructure. Changes in Data Foundations A critical element that adds to the complexity of data management is remote work. Now that employees all use […]

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