Choosing the Ideal Enterprise Cloud Storage Provider

Cloud infrastructures are quickly becoming a necessity for businesses looking for secure backup, scalable storage, and easy collaboration on shared files. In addition to optimizing your business’s operations, cloud service providers offer an array of additional solutions and benefits to further support your business and its unique needs. At Global IP, we take pride in assisting our clients in making an informed decision when selecting their cloud service provider. Below are a few of the most important questions and considerations to keep in mind while looking through your options. Do You Need Cloud Storage or Backup? While there is some


Digital Transformation: What it Really Means

Digital transformation is necessary for your company if you want it to stay on top of this ever-evolving industry. More than a trend, digital transformation is a catchall term used to describe foundational technological changes a company undergoes in order to deliver increased value to its customers. A digital transformation strategy often includes implementing cloud services—an approach that can be vital to the process. But when considering a successful strategy, understanding the common misconceptions and mistakes to avoid is an important first step. Digital Transformation in the Real World ‌In an organization, digital transformation is broadly known as the strategic


Cybersecurity Checklist: Is Your Cloud Storage at Risk?

With all the advancements technology brings us—like nearly unlimited cloud storage—there is, unfortunately, a dark side. For each advancement that makes it easier for you to communicate with customers and team members around the world or mine big data for the real-time information you need, there is someone that will attempt to violate the security of your network. ‌ To protect your cloud services and all of your other digital information, you need to be constantly on top of all the new technology and aware of the threats posed to it. It is difficult for any individual, or even a


Advantages of Cloud Native Applications

  Advantages of Cloud Native Applications  Cloud computing has drastically changed how companies and businesses handle their data and applications, and cloud services are becoming more popular. ‌Statista reports that the public cloud alone generated $130 billion from 2017 to 2020. Cloud native applications are a growing need for many — and they come with plenty of benefits, too. ‌ What Are Cloud Native Applications? Cloud native is an approach to building systems using cloud technology. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation defines cloud native technology as tools for companies to make scalable applications for modern-day dynamic environments. This means that


How to Improve Cloud Services with Infrastructure Automation

The value of data in business is ever increasing. Ranging from performance reports and growth statistics to how daily operations are executed, data can easily become overwhelming without proper management and infrastructure. Changes in Data Foundations A critical element that adds to the complexity of data management is remote work. Now that employees all use separate devices from various locations and through different networks, gathering, storing, and driving value from data is harder than ever before. ‌Managers now have to learn how to manage their teams remotely. Their gut instinct and ability to physically scan the workplace to evaluate how


Compliance & Security: Stay Up-to-Date with Cloud Security

As story after story shows up in the news about security breaches experienced by commercial and government enterprises, it’s clear that more needs to be done to shore up security resources. That goes double for organizations reliant on cloud services to support their business functions. There’s no point in investing in the latest cloud tools if you don’t implement a robust cloud compliance policy. The Challenges of Cloud Security and Compliance While cloud computing can transform the way companies organize their data and access business tools, implementing the corresponding cloud server infrastructure can bring about additional complexity. Services that were


Lost in the Clouds: The Importance of Having an Efficient Cloud Services Data Management System

Organizations right now need to make significant decisions about managing their data as part of their ongoing digital transformation. According to an Accenture study, nearly 90% of business executives believe big data is revolutionizing business the same way that the Internet did. 79% also agree that companies failing to embrace data will lose their competitive position or face extinction. Data is playing an ever-increasing role in the management of customer relationships, product development, optimization of supply chains, and the way we do business day-to-day. Yet 95% of businesses say unstructured data is a significant problem for them. Handling a large


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