Business Continuity Plan - Do You Have It?

Business interruptions can take many forms. Some of these involve physical disasters, such as fire, flooding, and earthquakes. Others take the form of interruptions to utilities at your place of business, such as electricity, water, or telecommunications service. But some interruptions have nothing to do with physical damage to your premises or local infrastructure. Consider:

  • A billing snafu with a software vendor shuts down a critical business application, and it might be days before the accountants and lawyers straighten it out. Assuming you can even access the data in some way, do you have manual processes in place?
  • A successful ransomware attack brings all your workstations and servers to a screeching halt. How do you keep serving your customers while the computers are restored to service?

What you do as an immediate response to business interruptions is codified in your disaster recovery plan. But what you do to keep your business running until your systems, facilities, and infrastructure return to normal is just as important. The key to keeping your business running long-term after a disaster is an effective strategy that is already in place well before the disaster. That preparation is documented in your business continuity plan. Developing a custom plan designed to address your company’s specific needs is where Global IP Networks comes in.

Effective Business Continuity Strategy

Many of the same strategies that power our world-class disaster recovery planning are also brought to bear in business continuity planning. At Global IP, we can help with:

  • Brainstorming business continuity scenarios. The more you can expect–and plan for–the unexpected, the less likely you are to be caught off guard and unprepared.
  • Identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Do you have a database in a proprietary format that can only be read by one application? That could be a problem if the application stops working. We can assess your systems and data environment and devise strategies for extracting and securely storing that data so you’re never “dead in the water.”
  • Devising workarounds. In the event you need to temporarily run the business on spreadsheets or other manual workarounds, we can help prepare strategies and artifacts to leverage data resources and limit the impact on your customers.
Planning Assistance
Global IP assess systems, applications, infrastructure, and business processes to craft the best possible business continuity plan.
Critical data points from all departments are documented in a step by step recovery plan while keeping everything secure and confidential.
System Recovery
Dry runs and tests for system recovery are essential to the timely recovery effort. From the C-Level to all employees, we'll get you covered.
Ensure operations are back to normal. Calibration is done so that Business Continuity Plan is relevant and ready for the next event.
Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are only as effective as the process you use to create them. Without an expert team to walk you through the research strategizing portion of creating a plan, the potential for disaster to still get the better of you is a very real danger. We know how devastating a disaster can be, which is why we approach our business continuity planning for you the same way we would if it were our own company.
The Global IP Networks Way
Let’s talk about your company’s concerns, needs, and goals, and how Global IP can help
We implement your strategic roadmap, step by step, to deliver on our promises
We utilize our expertise to develop a clear roadmap that covers all of your needs
We document and catalog each step of your cloud management services to ensure that we match the growth of your company
Keep Your Business Going When the Going Gets Rough
Your customers may not have much sympathy if you can’t serve them, especially if they rely on you for mission-critical products or services. Don’t let a disaster or other interruption stop you from doing business. Contact us today to learn more about our disaster recovery and business continuity services.
Let’s assess your IT environment to determine the best plan for your business.
Great things in business are never done by one person they're done by a team of people.
– Steve Jobs