Is Your Data Safe from Earthquakes?

“Location, location, location!” If you’ve ever leased or purchased a home or office space, you know that location is a serious consideration affecting said purchase in numerous ways. But the importance of place doesn’t begin and end with physical real estate. What about your virtual real estate? Your important business files and documents? It’s important to find a storage solution you trust, but have you ever thought about where all that important data you’re storing is physically located?

Just this afternoon, the Dallas area was hit with another earthquake – the numbers and strength of which have risen substantially in the past two decades.  Because of our strategic location in Plano, TX, our facility was not affected.  We chose our location due to several factors: we’ve got stable power, solid network infrastructure, and we’re far enough away from Dallas to be in the safe zone for potential terrorist activity. We’ve also got easy access from I-75 and George Bush Turnpike (I-190), and we’re in a flood free zone.

According to Earthquake Track, Dallas has experienced 7 earthquakes in the past month, and 57 in the past year, none of which have reached our facility, which sits inside the dark orange circle – in the middle of the “a” in Plano. Today’s quake had a 3.3 magnitude, but a larger quake on January 7th, 2015 was a 3.6.

When it comes to your data storage, location is just as important as finding a facility you trust. With Global IP Networks, our location is just one of our many benefits, alongside carrier access, and a business continuity center, among other things.

If you want to learn more about what GIP Networks can do for you, and how we can keep your data secure, please contact us.

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