Since our inception in 2000, our strength relies on our people, principles, and culture. In addition to modern and state of the art technology, we believe that success is not only doing some things right but doing all things right.

Our Vision:
To be the most loved and trusted business critical technology provider locally, nationwide and globally.

Our Mission:
To transform, manage and support business critical IT infrastructure that delivers a cohesively robust technology and real economic value for our clients.

Our Culture:
Do the right thing and let wisdom prevail.

Our Commitment:
100% uptime, high touch and best-in-class services. We are committed to keep our data center environment and services free from at-risk industries such as pornography, gambling or spamming that could bring negative impact to our clients and our organizations. From environment to delivery, we are committed to your success.


We are as much a data center as we are a managed service provider which makes us unique. We do not have to source your critical data hosting to a third party data center, nor do we need to rely on a third party to support, maintain and manage your IT infrastructure. We handle everything in house to give you the best value and experience. Global IP Networks is your one stop technology shop for secure data center and managed IT services.

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If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you

– Zig Ziglar