Data Center Infrastructure Trends 2017

Each year introduces us all to emerging technologies. Some of these new technologies will be nothing more than mere shiny objects, while others will resonate and disrupt the status quo.

While it is good to keep your eye on what’s next, overall the 2017 trends summed up are all about making data storage infrastructure more dynamic and more secure and resilient.

Because we know that as an organization’s leader, CEO or CIO, that at the end of the day your bottom line, data security, and compliance requirements are the key drivers that shape your decision process, we think the following three trends command attention.


Though this may not be perfect for all solutions, many experts believed that the cloud is near its mature stage.  What that really means is that this technology is now within reach of almost any organization. For many companies that require more control and run specialty software, hybrid cloud is now the norm. With proper setup, both cloud and hybrid cloud could work as well as the legacy systems do, or even better.

You do not have to be a big business to see the value or to create an integrated ecosystem that encompasses efficiencies gained from this cloud solution. Most large enterprises, seeing the cloud’s value, are using a hybrid approach for their applications, combining their existing servers with multiple cloud services–public or private or both.
At Global IP Networks, we found out that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hybrid cloud solutions. In all our hybrid cloud projects, comprehensive discovery and expert configuration are key to ensure successful migration and implementation.  Please bear in mind that cloud, even a hybrid set up, may not be the right solution for every organization.  We strongly recommend taking stock of what you need in terms of data storage, applications and back up, and seek a good advice before you consider cloud or hybrid solution.


Demand for colocation services is still on the rise. The big push behind this expected uptick is cost savings coupled with dependable security and assurance that if something goes wrong, let’s say at 4 a.m., a skilled expert is on the scene to address the issue on premise swiftly.  Your savings come in the form of reduced energy usage, dedicated overnight skilled personnel, and not having the Capex cost of building and/or maintaining a secure server room. Colocation is also scalable to your organization’s needs, as and when needed, especially if your organization needs to build your own hybrid or private cloud solutions.


This is a data center trend that is likely will never go away. Data breaches are more common today than ever before, and data centers also must remain vigilant to protect their network, security and power infrastructure against cyber attacks.

The solution to the increasingly sophisticated threats must be a holistic approach that includes the data center’s actual four walls, physical infrastructure, networks, and software, with an eye to chip-level solutions as defense against incoming attacks.

At Global IP Networks we employ a series of high-tech security systems including state-of-the-art biometric readers, secure access control and 24/7 manned and monitored datacenter facility. We retain security camera footage for a minimum of 90 days so that any potential issues can be fully investigated. We only use highly encrypted point-to-point direct lines of communication whenever possible. Our personnel provide round-the-clock physical checks and walk through, and diligently monitor both inbound and outbound network traffic for high impact threats.

Interested in learning more about these trends and how your organization can benefit? Contact us.  We will deliver to you customized data center and cloud solutions that will save you time and money while keeping your data safe and secure.

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