6 Biggest Benefits of Switching to Cloud Hosting

As internet capabilities expand, more and more businesses are turning to cloud services to support their network. Executives across industries, business sizes, and regions are recognizing the vast array of benefits available with a cloud infrastructure. If your company hasn’t begun converting to cloud hosting, take a moment to learn about some of the biggest perks and advantages that can set you above your competitors. 1. Cost Efficiency Managed cloud hosting allows businesses to gain all of the benefits of a cloud infrastructure without needing to purchase additional equipment or build out personal data centers. We’ve gone through the effort…

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Cloud Security Essentials for Every Business Size

As more businesses make the switch to a cloud infrastructure, more cybercriminals are looking to access these corporate networks. As a result, businesses of every size need cloud security solutions to defend hybrid, private, and public cloud deployments.  When you work with a reliable cloud service provider, they’ll be able to offer an array of services and security measures that will suit your business’s unique needs. Unlike traditional IT security, however, cloud security is a joint responsibility between the business owner and solution provider.  How to Secure Your Digital Assets in the Cloud No matter how good your service provider…

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