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Our work with companies like Steward Energy, Schlumberger, and Baker Hughes has provided useful insights into the unique IT requirements of the Energy industry. We’ve brought our tenacious expertise to help companies in this industry achieve their business goals to set them up for even greater success. One lesson we’ve learned is that connectivity is paramount and so we offer the tools to better help your multiple points of operation stay connected.

No energy company operates under one roof. Your operation connects management in offices, with crews and teams out in the field, or working on drilling rigs, refineries, pipelines, and windmills.

The right IT is vital for your network to operate efficiently and productively. Your employees need access to information, whether they are working on an offshore drilling rig, a remote pipeline, out in the field or at any of your offices. Global IP Networks has the technology services and solutions that will improve your operations and capitalize on your IT investments.

Global IP can work with your team or as your fully outsourced IT department, resolving IT issues, preventing problems, and addressing and managing all your IT needs to keep your business running smoothly.

100% committed to engineering custom solutions specifically for your business.

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    Reliable and proven technology is transforming the energy and utility industry and helping overcome workflow issues to increase production and control operating costs. Having the right IT partner to help with business modernization and digital transformation can help you improve customer satisfaction, gain insights for quick and better decision-making, and optimize your resources and skills. Global IP Networks has the skills, the team, the expertise and the resources to help you take on and address your business initiatives and process improvements and control your costs.

    • Cloud Services
    • Cybersecurity& Compliance
    • IT Network Management

    The ultimate goal for your enterprise is being both compliant and secure. To be secure, organizations must be intentional and willing to go through the necessary assessments and act upon the findings.
    We can help you review all your compliance requirements and regulations and help you adopt a security framework, such as NIST and CMMC, and map all that back to your risk assessments and a business impact analysis.
    Global IP Networks can help you prepare the future security roadmap of your enterprise, get ahead of regulations and ensure your compliance is ahead of the prescribed timelines and in line with the security infrastructure of your organization.


    Global IP Networks offers a comprehensive set of IT Services for the Energy Industry.

    Managed Network Services

    Data and software now reside in the cloud and many people are working from home. Your network provides everything your employees need to do their jobs. Your network devices like switches, firewalls, routers and even your internet connection must work perfectly or your business may come to a halt. We keep things running smoothly 24/7/365.

    Security & Compliance Services

    Risk assessments, business impact analysis, securing desktops, business apps, remote workers and critical infrastructure are more important today than ever before. We protect your data from phishing attacks and malware infections, identify infected devices and prevent data theft. We provide enterprise-grade threat protection.

    Microsoft 365 & G-Suite Services

    Facilitating collaboration is key to improving employee productivity. A collaborative environment helps lower costs, improves productivity, shortens timelines and increases your return on investment by connecting your teams across your business and cultural environments to foster shared values, promote common goals and build relationships.
    We implement these tools and train your teams.

    Keep Business Running Smoothly with 24×7 Support

    Your business relies on your technology running flawlessly to ensure your success. Running it successfully requires a reliable and accountable IT service provider who is with you 24x7x365 days a year.
    Global IP Networks’ team of experts is on duty every hour of every day to assist you with everything from basic troubleshooting to proactive monitoring and even the blue screen of death. Our engineers and network operating center teams are trained to address and remedy your IT issues

    Speak with a Global IP Networks representative today and learn how we can help you manage your IT so you can focus on what matters most: your business!

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