Will Work Be Remote Forever?

Enabling Your Remote Workforce

According to a Gallup poll, 50% of Americans who now work remotely said they want to continue doing so even after restrictions on business are lifted.

A new study by Erik Brynjolfsson, at MIT, and five other economists, dig into the numbers on remote work. They conducted two major surveys in April and May, that coincided with the Gallup poll, and they find that about half of the entire American workforce is now remote, which is higher than previous estimates.

That bears repeating: half of the entire workforce is now working remote. In the words of Brynjolfsson, “this portends a much bigger shift in the economy.”

The age of remote working is here, this offers unique opportunity for both the employee and the business. As traditional work arrangements evolve to include remote teams, companies can garner the best talent, regardless of their location, while also providing their clients with more comprehensive support coverage. This arrangement can also enhance the lives of individuals that prefer or require a more flexible schedule, like parents, individuals with the inability to work during traditional hours, and those seeking to shorten their commute.

With businesses continuing a remote workforce strategy, you need an IT partner that is flexible, efficient, and can ensure a continuity of operations.

While businesses around the world are scrambling to get their workforce mobile, let us show you how to maintain business continuity in these challenging times.

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Facebook and Twitter have embraced remote work in the age of Covid-19. Microsoft offers a worthy counterpoint. Even as some executives extol its virtues, other tech leaders aren’t so sure, opening a growing divide inside the industry over the future of work. It’s a worthy debate.
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List of companies letting people work from home forever
Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 56% of U.S. workers have jobs that are at least partially compatible with working remotely. Driving the perma-adaption are managers’ realization that people aren’t slacking off (and, in fact, are sometimes working longer than in the past), financial savings for the employees who no longer have commuting costs or the need to buy lunch, environmental benefits, and decreased spending on real estate and office overhead for employers.
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Enable Your Remote Workforce for Success

Taking your company remote in a matter of days can be a challenge and choosing the right communication and collaboration tool is critical to business continuity. Whether permanent or temporary, Global IP Networks can support your transition and facilitate a rapid implementation and training solution for your workers and teams.

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