Why Should You Choose Cloud Computing?

In the past, businesses and homes have stored all of their data on either their local hard drives, or their local networks. In today’s world, many are switching to a new, easier way of storing files, called cloud computing. This type of file storing is web based, and you don’t need to have your own servers in order to be on a network. There are many benefits to choosing cloud computing, and many reasons to pick Global IP Networks.

Storing your files on a local hard drive can be very risky. Especially with a laptop. Since laptops are made to be portable, often times the hard drives are bumped around enough to get damaged. Sometimes they are damaged enough to loose the files stored on them. Laptops are also often stolen. The number of stolen laptops per year is growing significantly. While you can always buy a new laptop, you can’t get the files back that were stored on the laptop’s hard drive. In both of these cases, cloud computing could really help. With cloud computing, the files aren’t stored on your computer’s hard drive, so you can easily recover all your files from our servers.

Owning your own servers can be difficult. Not only is it extremely expensive to set up, they can be hard to maintain. They are difficult to fully understand and know how to fix issues you may come across when owning your own server. In addition to that, your network could be in an area where natural disasters may be prevalent. At our data center, not only does our highly trained staff maintain our servers for you, but we also have many precautionary measures in place. Our data center is in a flood free zone, with fire protection and effective environmental controls. We also have weekly tested backup generators and plenty of security cameras, inside and outside of our building. Your files will be safest at our data center.

So, there are obviously many reasons to switch to cloud computing. If you have more questions, or would like cloud computing for your home or business, contact us!

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