What is NAS (Network Attached Storage)?

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a category of dedicated file storage device. It provides local-area network nodes that have file-based shared storage through a standard Ethernet connection. NAS is similar to having a private cloud in your office. It provides the benefits of a public cloud onsite and other advantages are:

  • It is easy to operate
  • It is less expensive
  • It is always accessible when you need it
  • It centralizes your data storage in a reliable and secure way

As your business grows, the data you accumulate also grows. Not all of it will fit nicely into a database and if left unmanaged it can become a huge mess. Businesses that use well-managed NAS usually find that collecting data is much easier. Modern NAS devices are sophisticated and offer a variety of integrated features including some free downloadable apps. Tips on good types of NAS storage to buy are below.

Storage Capacity: More drive bays means more storage space. The largest commonly available hard drive is 6TB.

Network Connectivity: A device’s network connectivity features determine the speed in which you can get data on and off of your device. At a minimum, you will want a pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports. Most NAS devices that have multiple Ethernet ports allow you to configure them for aggregation.

NAS provides fast, simple, reliable access to data in an IP networking environment. The solutions are suitable for small and mid-sized businesses needing large amounts of economical storage that multiple users can share over a network.

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