Ways You Use the Cloud Daily – Whether You Realize it or Not

The cloud is an amazing thing. It’s been around for years, and it still continues to amaze us. One of the most amazing things about the cloud is how much it has been integrated into our lives. In many cases, we don’t even realize we’re using the cloud. Here are a few ways we use the cloud every day without even realizing it.

Checking your e-mail

Most popular e-mail providers maintain your e-mails on their own servers. This is helpful to you because it means that you can access your e-mail from any computer anywhere, not just your personal machine, and it keeps your e-mail from cluttering up your own computer. It’s also a great example of cloud computing and storage.

Putting money on your fare card

If you live in a larger city, chances are good that you have a fare card for traveling on the public transit system. No matter how you do it, whenever you add money to your account, you’re accessing a network far away and altering files stored on it. If you choose to fund your account with a credit card, you’re also accessing files on a completely different computer, probably even in a different state, run by your credit card company. Both cases are examples of using the cloud in your everyday life.

Receiving a message

With a few exceptions, text messages are not sent over the internet, and therefore are not a part of the cloud. However, when an image, or any other file, is sent through a text message or some other app, the file is usually saved somewhere on the cloud, and then accessed by the receiver.

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