Top 3 Applications for Big Data

Although the raw acquisition of big data remains an important part of marketing and analytics, this data application is the newest way to ensure you stay on the cutting edge of your industry. Here are some top applications for big data once it is acquired.

Big Data Billboards

Combining marketing analysis with direct marketing, some billboard companies use big data as a way to match ads to eyeballs. Big data takes full advantage of GPS readings and real-time traffic to determine the best time to show certain ads and how long to show them.


Big data through the right app serves as a health monitor that even has the ability to forward data to a primary physician or medical specialist office if you are under care. The additional data creates a more effective perspective for your doctor to treat your concerns without you even attending the office.

Personal Affects

Big data even serves as a tool for better fitting clothes. For instance, there is a website that helps women pick the right bra size using big data received from an application through a smart phone or tablet. Through a questionnaire that customers fill out on the site, the app is able to collect and aggregate data and suggest a line of products for that person to wear in any season.

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