The Latest E-Mail Scams Target CEOs and Cost Businesses Billions

It seems you’re always reading about a new email scam every week that fools office employees. Some of those, however, have a lot of clues now that indicate they’re phishing scams. In that regard, employees are a little more on guard on catching email scams while working. Yet, the creators of those emails are always finding new ways to evolve their dirty work so it keeps fooling more people.

One of the most recent email scams targets CEOs rather than employees. You can see the devious nature of this type of email based on the idea that it doesn’t use the typical structure of phishing scams employees see. These emails (known as “business e-mail compromise“) look more personal and directly target CEOs of companies.

Unfortunately, CEOs take these as real and end up opening them. It’s a new evolution of spoofed email that uses more personal tactics, plus the ability to tap other email accounts once privacy get compromised.

What’s worse is that because the emails look more official (sometimes looking like they came from a higher up), employees end up opening them as well. It gives you an idea of how insidious email scams are getting now and how important a business continuity plan is if your systems become compromised. That’s especially true when you see the billions of dollars it’s costing these companies.

Planning for Email Scam Emergencies

Email scams are only going to keep evolving and finding new ways to fool your employees and executives. As this happens, it adds just another layer to the cyber risks out there for all businesses. If you haven’t already, a business continuity plan with decent data backup in the cloud is essential if an email scam somehow shuts down your computers.

It’s not out of the question that clicking on an email scam link could hijack your systems (especially with Ransomware) and leave you in a panic about what to do next.

With cloud computing, you have access to all your business data in a safe place so it’s accessible at any time. If you can relocate quickly to a place with Internet, you can get back on your feet within a short time with proper data storage.

Here at Global IP Networks, we offer you reliable and secure cloud data storage to prepare for any problems with email scams or other threats.

Contact us and we’ll get you secure in a business world that’s fraught with more risks than ever.

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