Storage: Balancing Use of On-Site Security and Business Continuity

Working in the cloud has its rewards and its risks. The multiple layers of security you provide can still be penetrated by hackers, stolen and claimed as their own. Data and documents need protection so you can maintain total ownership without being subject to the risks of storage penetration.

Choices for Storage

Storage is most significant as a business issue due to the huge amount of information that any enterprise accumulates in the course of a year. Until recently, external hard drives were added as needed, but that can soon became unwieldy. The large amount of data and recent extreme events have the potential to put companies out of business for extended periods.

The answer to this dilemma is in the clouds … cloud storage. Off-site, safe and secure locations exist to keep your business data and documents away from unexpected destruction. Cloud storage solves that problem by helping you to stay up and running – from anywhere at anytime using any electronic device that is available.

Support Your Vision

Business continuity is a “need” and not a “want.” There is no question that your business is as important to you as it is to your community and to us. Support your vision by utilizing services available off-site. They are perfectly safe with service providers who believe performance cannot be limited to doing some things right, but doing everything right.

Think about your potential losses if all the data remains on-site and make a list of those items that could close your business if they were lost:

  • Project or research documents in progress or complete
  • Signed contracts, staff time sheets, financial records, tax documents
  • Photographs, videos, drawings, songs, prototypes, artifacts
  • Research and development notes and documents
  • New knowledge, improved materials or products, reviews, patents or patent searches
  • Scientific or technological articles and pre-written news releases

You know your business best and what you need to protect it. Here is a checklist to keep in mind as you think in terms of cloud providers who have the services most important to business continuity:

  • Multiple layers of security and password protection to keep your information safe
  • Enough bandwidth to accommodate your storage needs with adequate flexibility
  • 24/7/365 maintenance and monitoring all of your services in one place for ease of access
  • Strong focus on disaster recovery to make sure you can be up and running without compromising your data or that of your clients
  • Back up systems with powerful generators that become active when the grid goes down.

We Care About Your Data

Global IP Network has information concerning protection of material and how you can keep it safe and secure. Hosting with us will place you among respectable growing businesses similar to yours. You have a big investment in your future and it deserves a safe, secure, risk-free environment that allows for a generous return on your investment.

When you contact us, you will find a healthy, profitable, positive cash flow company offering you business continuity. We offer access to our data center including the conference room, secure wi-fi with disaster recovery and business continuity work space.

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