SSD Hard Drives and RAM Upgrades Can Bring an Lenovo ThinkPad Up to Spec

Although IBM Thinkpads haven’t been marketed by IBM for several years now, they still enjoy an almost fanatical following, not only for their renown keyboards, but also for the advanced engineering which yielded some of the best laptops ever manufactured. The whole Thinkpad division was of course sold to Lenovo, who has maintained the excellent level of engineering and reliability and has actually surprised the market with the robustness of the new Thinkpad products. Nevertheless, there are still thousands of fans of the original IBMThinkpads who refuse to use anything else.

Luckily, the advanced engineering executed upon the whole Lenovo ThinkPad line can now pay dividends to those hardcore followers. Even though today’s processors’ technology is no longer compatible with Lenovo ThinkPads, there are a couple of other ways to speed up processing by utilizing today’s leading edge components.

For instance Lenovo actually built a few models with BIOS support for SSD drives, years before they became commercially available. All that is usually required is a BIOS upgrade and a compatible SSD drive. Not only will the Lenovo ThinkPad speed up radically, it will also become even more bulletproof than it already is, since one of the few weaknesses in the design was the use of hard drive with spinning platters. By switching to an SSD drive environmental issues such as vibration and heat become a thing of the past.

The other performance upgrade you can easily make to an original ThinkPad is to increase it’s RAM memory to the maximum the unit supports. There is no easier hardware upgrade that will yield such dramatic performance improvements and ThinkPads are no exception. The various configurations of required DIMM memory modules are still widely available and are still relatively inexpensive.

The combination of SSD hard drive and maximum memory upgrade can bring an Lenovo ThinkPad to performance levels close to today’s laptops. It is of course best to use the highest quality components you can find. Lifetime Memory Products is a manufacturer of high performance memory for just about any application. All our memory modules include a lifetime warranty. We also manufacture high performance SSD drives in various configurations and price points to fit every budget. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide the memory and SSD components you need to upgrade your Lenovo ThinkPad or any other laptop, notebook or tablet PC you’d like to improve.

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