Protecting Your Data One Security Feature at a Time

Expensive server equipment and vital internet-related software are the life-support for your entire operation. Together they house essential and virtually priceless data.

Securing this critical data is a full-time job.

While protecting millions of dollars worth of server hardware is a natural inclination, most companies fall short when it comes to security. Between theft, natural disaster and accidental building fires, the liability is profound. It’s one of the reasons cost-conscious and conscientious businesses look to our expertly engineered collocation centers and hosting environments.

Simply put, they help protect your business by protecting your data. With redundant security features, they provide a defense against downtime and other disruptions. Here’s a look at some common security initiatives the experts use:


When it comes to data storage and backup, the clock never stops. Neither does our staff. They keep watch over all mission critical elements and remain onsite to troubleshoot at a moment’s notice. It’s a cost-effective alternative to paying your IT staff to man the graveyard shift.

Security starts from the outside in. With a high-tech surveillance system, we monitor the data center at all times. Security footage is retained for a minimum of 90 days so that any potential issues can be fully investigated.

Indoors, we rely on an encrypted, direct line of communication between your servers and our physically secure storage site. Next come scheduled automatic backups for long-term protection. Remote applications and meticulously maintained servers safeguard your data and provide easy retrieval.


Between powerful proximity readers and state of the art biometric readers, the data center entrance is controlled at every stage from facility entrance to the actual data center hall. We vet and validate all visitors against a strict customer access list. Electronic badge systems with designated and encoded access levels log and differentiate Visitors, Customers, Vendors and Employees entering the facility.

To save our clients the commute, we also offer a high-powered bandwidth monitoring tool that provides remote, real-time network usage updates.

Ultimately, a in-house data center isn’t always the most secure way to protect your essential data. Allowing a collocation center or hosted environment to take the reins on security, frees up the capital and bandwidth needed to excel at your company’s true core competencies.

You run your business, we’ll run the data center. If you could benefit from cost-effective backup and storage solutions to protect your priceless data, contact us.

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