Operating a Remote Workforce is No Longer Just a Remote Possibility

As the age of remote working is here, this offers unique opportunity for both your employees and the business. As traditional work arrangements evolve to include remote teams, companies can garner the best talent, regardless of their location, while also providing their clients with more comprehensive support coverage. This arrangement can enhance the lives of individuals that prefer or require a more flexible schedule, like parents, individuals with the inability to work during traditional hours, and those seeking to shorten their commute.

This tipping point has deep and wide ramifications for organizations attempting to return to pre-COVID-19 productivity levels.

The next normal will be led by organizations that embrace a vibrant remote workforce culture and establish a productive, hybrid workplace. Organizations will begin to leverage their remote workforce capabilities as an integral component to recruiting top talent, similar to how Silicon Valley start-ups promote their expansive food and beverage benefits.

As we transition to a new normal, it’s now important to reevaluate the initial infrastructure laid to support remote workers against a lasting, best-practice architecture.

Remote Workforce Pillars


    1. Secure workspace with VPN, multi-factor authentication, and endpoint security
    2. Resilient and persistent connectivity to increase (and decrease) capacity on-demand
    3. Robust workforce data protection to keep your critical data secure
    4. Unified visual and video collaboration solution to maximize workforce productivity – and sanity
    5. Distributed communications and team collaboration to ensure secure and reliable communications
    6. Operational IT management with a distributed support structure to sustain operations and reduce risk of disruption

Technology gives us the ability to bring nearly all the benefits of office life outside of the office. However, solutioning a minimum viable product for a sudden remote work experience is challenging. The good news is that the right approach can further your overall vision for collaboration and improve the lives of your workers and customers beyond when a crisis ends.

At Global IP Networks, we don’t’ shy away from tough challenges. We are prepared to serve as your trusted advisor in ways we may not have before. These include a variety of solutions that quickly enable you and your teams to stay connected and productive from wherever you are, which is why we are introducing the Quick Start Remote Worker Solution.

Looking for ways to enable your remote workers during these challenging times?

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