Network Security Question: Is Anyone Spying on You?

To run successfully, your business must keep all kinds information from falling into the hands of hackers or your competitors. These include customer credit card numbers, vendor contract details, and the Social Security numbers of your employers. So you take reasonable precautions in ensuring network security by locking up your servers in a special room, shredding any printed data, and making computer files accessible to key people.

Despite your efforts, you discover details of your latest project discussed on an industry website or information about your private employee meeting all over the Internet. Your first impulse is to blame a disloyal employee. But the problem may be technological and not personal.

If your desktops, laptops, and tablets have connected cameras and microphones, hackers can easily tap into them to see what’s going on in the office. Many do it simply to prove to their buddies that they can. Others are interested in stealing information from you to sell to the highest bidder. Neither is this spying limited to individuals. A Philadelphia lawsuit recently alleged a school district was spying on kids using the cameras in tablets it had distributed to them. And groups in China are well-known for using the tactic to spy on other countries.

To protect yourself, avoid clicking on music, picture, or video links unless you’re sure where they’re from or what they are. That cute clip of playful puppies may download spyware onto your network. Disconnect cameras and microphones that are not in use. If you can’t because they’re attached, put opaque tape over the camera lens and mics.

If you notice the red indicator light coming on by your audio and video devices when you haven’t activated them, then someone is using them to spy on you. Turn the computer off immediately and disconnect it from the Internet. Contact us so that we can remove the cause of this spying. We can also help you with other network security issues.

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