Network Security: How Google Can Help Defend Against Sony-Style Hacking

You’re probably quite familiar by now how hackers, most likely from North Korea, broke into Sony’s network to steal confidential information, disrupt service, and cause general mayhem. You’re resigned to something like that happening to your business someday, thinking true security isn’t possible against determined criminals. Actually, there is something you can do and Google can help.

Your first line of defense against any such intrusions consists of the hardware and software that you use to run your business. So before you buy any new devices or applications, take the time to research how adequate their built-in security features are. Google Search is your best tool for finding information. Using the Search box, enter the name of the product you want or its manufacturer, and the keywords “security” or “hacking.”

Anything related to the security of your intended purchase appears in the search results. Pay particular attention to any hacking incidents or reviews of how the product deals with intrusions. Hearing the dirt from third parties should give you a good idea of whether the item is adequate for your needs. Other search terms you should investigate include the item name and “user group” or “forums.” You’ll get candid opinions from those who use the product daily, perhaps in businesses similar to yours.

Finally, do a search for “customer service” and the manufacturer. A link to tech support should appear. Browse that link to find out how well their staff deals with customer issues. Send them an innocent question or two and gauge how quickly they respond and what they say. If they take forever to get back to you, give them a pass because you can’t afford to wait if a virus plagues your system.

If you want to know more about how to prevent hacks or need expertise on network security, please contact us.

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