Network Security: A Few Tips

If you maintain a network, then you understand the importance of network security. A company’s most sensitive data is stored on the network, and any loss of continuity in the operation of the network can lead to disaster. Here are a few tips on keeping a network not only up and running, but also safe from the bad guys.

Create a network security policy

Create a policy that contains all of your expectations and actions concerning the security of your network. It should include how important the security of your network is, and for what reason, as well as any current and future plans you have. It should also be very specific about what the company expects from its employees when it comes to keeping the data safe.

Don’t trust what you don’t know

Do scans on everything that comes into the network. Block things that aren’t necessary, such as executable files.

Educate employees

Often, the weakest point in a network’s security is the people who use it. Make sure that the staff understands at least enough to prevent them from compromising security. If possible, hold classes on password strength, e-mail scams, and any other personnel-related threat to the system.

Use multiple systems

Don’t just rely on a single system to protect your network, because no single system is strong enough to do that. Utilize as many systems as it takes to keep your network safe, such as anti-virus software, education, auditing, and routine scanning.

Looking for more help when it comes to keeping your network safe from the bad guys? Contact us. We’re experts on the subject and would be happy to help you with anything that you need.

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