Network Attached Storage (NAS) Systems

NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems are data storage devices that provide local area network nodes that allow users in a network to share the use of the storage. Each NAS has its own IP address and is therefore fully addressable. As such, these systems form the core of in-house clouds. However, most users of NAS systems link to off-site cloud server systems.

NAS systems are ideal for system backup, archiving and disaster recovery. Many of these NAS drives have large data storage capacity in themselves on-site. Many models use hot-swappable hard drives which can be added to the system indefinitely and are arranged in a redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) order, which makes the array function as a single logical drive.

Using the NAS system to link into a cloud system gives users the convenience of in-house backup and the security of off-site backup in case of a local disaster. Data can move both ways from the NAS device to the cloud and back form the cloud to the device to keep the data synchronized. The cloud configuration also makes the storage nearly infinitely expandable and scalable, and enables users to access data from any location and mobile devices.

High end or enterprise NAS systems are designed for businesses that store huge numbers of files as well as virtual machine images. These systems use multiple NAS systems running concurrently. Each NAS system can scale up to hundreds of terabytes or more of addressable storage.

Midmarket NAS systems can accommodate businesses that require several hundred terabytes of data. Midmarket NAS devices can’t be clustered.

Low-end or desktop NAS systems are aimed at small businesses who require local shared storage. Many small businesses find the idea of sharing local backup capability which automatically synchs with a cloud-based backup off site.

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