HP Proudly Announces “Welcome to The Machine”

“Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.” (Pink Floyd, Legendary Rock Band)

It’s possible, I suppose, that HP President and CEO Meg Whitman is a Pink Floyd fan from way back. Or maybe the reason for naming their newest device of wonder and futuristic vision, The Machine, is just because an item of such potential magnitude needed a name so powerfully fitting and, well… cool!

The word, “futuristic” is key here, because The Machine as it is currently laid out, isn’t supposed to be a tangible item for the general public until at least 2020. So exactly what is The Machine, other than a killer 70′s theatrical style rock song? It is a device that is envisioned to be a server, workstation, PC, and phone all in one. Seems like a lot to ask, but it also seems like HP is well on their way to making such an idea a reality.

Further investigation reveals that this item is much more than just an upgraded iPhone or super server. HP claims that it will be able to handle enormous amounts of data, while using significantly less electricity. More specifically, The Machine should be as much as six times more powerful than existing servers and require a whopping 80 times less energy. In a growingly greener world, this is a sizable step in the right direction for the corporate world in social responsibility.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mark Fink seems to confidently proclaim that the power of their new device is already capable of being scaled down to smartphones and could eventually lead to them storing 100 terabytes of memory. Now that may not be as exciting to some as the newest version of Angry Birds, but it is still quite impressive nonetheless.

“What did you dream? It’s alright we told you what to dream. So welcome to the machine.”

Now, hopefully someone will come out with a device called “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.”

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