Four Tips to Get a Good Value on the Servers Contract for Your Business

Once you have established that you are going with a colocation facility to house the servers for your business, there are several steps that you need to take to make sure you get a contract with good value.

Determine How Much Physical Space You Need

The amount of space you need should not be something you have to guess. It is important to measure and analyze the hardware you have or the hardware you intend on purchasing to avoid contracting too much physical space, which will unnecessarily increase the contract rate.

Also, you should not worry about getting extra space on the initial contract with potential growth in mind as you can always get more physical space to house additional hardware at a later time.

Survey Bandwidth Necessities

Whereas physical space needed is pretty straightforward, bandwidth is not so much. However, you should do your best to analyze the statistics you have for your business and the hardware you will be getting.

If the provided amount of bandwidth is more than enough, you should have no problems. However, if you know that you could go over the limit, you should determine the extra charges and other alternatives.

Analyze Additional Charges

Another place where you might receive additional charges is with power. Finding out how much the extra charges are for power overages will help you determine whether contract adjustments should be made.

Consider Remote Hands

If you plan on your business servers being decently far away from your business’s location, which could make it inconvenient to visit on a regular basis, you should consider remote hands. It is a service that provides on-site assistance for troubleshooting, maintenance, configuration, or even installation.

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