Enabling Remote Workers: 9 Questions to Ask

Enabling a remote workforce isn’t just about knowing how to run a meeting virtually, it’s about having the right tools, knowing how to use them, and understanding the needs of the different remote worker profiles.

In these unprecedented times, we’re hearing lots of questions about how to enable a remote workforce. Here are the nine questions we hear most often and answers that you can use to get your remote workers up and running and build the essential infrastructure to support them.

    1. What are some potential issues associated with remote work?
    2. What tools do I need to provide my employees to telework effectively?
    3. How do you secure my users devices and company data?
    4. How can I guarantee high levels of network performance for critical workers?
    5. How do I prepare my business for working remotely?
    6. How can my team handle remote challenges such as client facing function such as customer service and sales?
    7. IT is expensive. How will supporting remote workers affect our IT infrastructure?
    8. What are the available solutions and deployment models (on-premises, cloud, or hybrid)?

And of course, #9…what is my timeline?

The answers to these questions can drastically change the recommended solutions.

Don’t find yourself behind the 8-ball. You need to have a strategic, vendor-agnostic conversation to look at both the immediate as well as longer term needs of your business.

At Global IP Networks, we don’t’ shy away from tough challenges. We are prepared to serve as your trusted advisor in ways we may not have before. These include a variety of solutions that quickly enable you and your teams to stay connected and productive from wherever you are, which is why we are introducing the Quick Start Remote Worker Solution.

Learn more about our Quick Start Remote Worker Solutions.


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Looking for ways to enable your remote workers during these challenging times?

Let’s talk!

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