Dispelling 3 Myths of Business Continuity

There are many myths out there surrounding business continuity which take away from the main argument. In this blog we’ll dispel three myths we’ve heard way too often.

1. Business continuity isn’t a company objective 

When people think of company objectives, they think of things like increases in productivity, hitting certain sales numbers, and minimizing costs. Well, you should also include business continuity in this category.

The main thing you have to remember is that without business continuity, your entire business can fail instantly. According to a recent Tech Target article, there are too many businesses that think this could never happen to them:

“Under most circumstances, you will not see business continuity included among these activities. But why wouldn’t it be a relevant business objective? After all, a business that is damaged or destroyed by an event it was unprepared for will not achieve its business objectives. Many organizations assume they will not experience a business-threatening incident. Logically, this assumption is highly risky, but it’s pretty much the norm.”

2. Business continuity is costly

Business continuity is costly in the same sense that oil changes are. Sure, you have to invest money that you’d rather spend on other things, but you’re also preventing larger costs down the line. In the context of business continuity, that’s business downtime and data loss. At the end of the day, business continuity actually has a positive ROI.

3. Only large corporations need to practice business continuity 

Small businesses aren’t exempt from business continuity. The risk for them is exactly the same as the risk for Microsoft: you can lose all your intellectual property. Except in Microsoft’s case, they probably have the funds to recover. Small businesses typically aren’t as deep in terms of resources.

When it comes to business continuity, it’s important to keep the facts separated from the myths. To talk more about business continuity, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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