Cloud Computing and the Data Center Transformation

The future is amazing, especially when it comes to IT. Technology is moving faster than ever and huge innovations will continue to occur over the next decade. Data centers are demanding more and more power to run our IT systems. As the shift from in-house systems to cloud computing continues, data centers are going to have to handle the increased power demands.

The great news is that innovations that servers have made with virtualization, green hardware and power consumption is increasing at an alarming rate (which our data center can handle). Servers are more aware of energy and how to maximize server load. Less servers are used to run more applications and power off when idle or not processing a workload.

AMD and Intel are building processors for specific workloads rather than a one processor for all purposes. One size does not fit all when it comes to computing. A xeon chip is not needed in every server.

The future of the data center will consist of hardware that is able to run at higher temperatures. If servers can run at higher temperatures, then your cooling costs go down as you don’t have to run AC as much. Additionally, we could see in the next decade variable speed motors to cool data centers. Speed could increase during hot day hours and decrease at night when temperatures level off.

Last but not least is immersion cooling where you submerge servers in a bath of chilled coolant. Recently Intel tested this with positive results. In the event of a power outage, immersion could be the difference between your servers going down or not.

Contact us today to go over how we can move your infrastructure to our state of the art data centers. We can handle all of your big data and cloud computing needs. You can trust that as technology grows, we will grow with it.

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