Big Data: Consider Safe Storage in an Offsite Facility

Today, businesses gather large amounts of industry-specific information from a wide range of available sources. Big data comes from places like social media, chat rooms (public and private) and hard copy sources such as libraries, universities, think tanks, research facilities and news agencies. It is difficult to process all of this data using traditional methods that include (but are not limited to) onsite storage, software or databases.

Use of Big Data

Big data is important because it helps to improve business operations and it is useful in helping identify hidden existing problems or new marketing opportunities. This data helps analyze products to learn more about their previously unknown functions as well as the personalities of the target customer demographic. Some companies are now using big data in the hiring process to attract top talent to their enterprise.

Surveys of more than 700 marketing specialists show almost 70% of businesses, companies and corporations have plans to market by using big data information. These same enterprises are planning to hire specialists in big data to analyze results of the content they are collecting. As this information accumulates, it requires adequate storage space in a safe and secure data center.

Analysis of Big Data

Right now, it is difficult to forecast the rate of growth in this big data industry over the next several years. It is expected to be impressive because of the cost of specialists in this industry. Currently, this is a $5 billion industry and predictions place it at $50 billion by 2017.

The analysis of big data is a very difficult job and involves converting that mountain of information into a format that can aid in making business decisions. Available technology includes:

• NoSQL database – handles large amounts of data

• MapReduce – program to process unstructured data like documents, emails, images and videos

• Hadoop – allows examination of big data using various servers

The accumulation of this information requires storage space previous to its inspection by big data specialists. For more information on our secure data center, contact us

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