Assuring Business Continuity With Offsite Data Centers

Your business is your life. And business continuity is what makes your life work. All the wires and lights, servers and data centers in the world can’t help you if you can’t use them to serve your customers.

That’s where offsite data centers and secure, redundant networks come in. Hosting your data offsite ensure that if anything happens to your business (be it lightning strikes, floods, fires or even burglary), your information remains secure in a well-guarded facility. The best data centers are built like vaults. Video surveillance and weatherproofing must be standard. But the network connections to get inside the vault have to be reliable. That’s why you should seek out facilities with heavy-duty backup systems. Should one fail, the other should seamlessly take over and be reliable enough to keep your business operating as if nothing happened.

The same goes for power supplies. Nothing in technology works without power and a reliable power grid is a must for business continuity. Global IP Networks has hospital-grade power backups. If it’s good enough to trust with lives, it’s good enough for your data and your business.

Finally, diversity is crucial in maintaining access to your offsite network. There must be multiple network entrances to your data. If one path goes down, others should be there to take over. The pathways to your data are just as important as the data itself. After all, what’s the point of having a secure server if you can’t access it?

For more information about building a safe, secure, redundant and reliable network for your business, contact us.

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