3 Things that a Solid State Drive Can do Better than a Standard Hard Drive

By now, you’ve probably heard about a little thing called a solid state drive. In case you haven’t, a solid state drive can serve the same function as a hard drive, but it does it a little differently. A standard hard drive contains several disks that spin at high speeds. A solid state drive has no moving parts. Here are a few things that a solid state drive can do much better than a standard hard drive.


The biggest difference between the two types of drives is that a solid state drive doesn’t have to spin disks to access the data it has been tasked with finding. The physical movement of the disks and the reader head takes time, but since the solid state drive doesn’t have to move anything, it can return the data much more quickly.

Lower power usage

Spinning the disks and moving the head takes power. It may not be much, but in some cases, it’s enough to make a difference. For example, a laptop or tablet has a battery life. Spinning disks in a hard drive will draw power from the battery, decreasing the time available to the user.


One of the biggest benefits of a solid state drive is the reliability. A standard drive depends on several delicate parts that move at very high speeds. Although the technology has come a long way, those moving parts still break from time to time. Since a solid state drive has no moving parts, it is much less likely to break.

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