The Advantages of Using SAN (Storage Area Network)

SAN (Storage Area Network) has the ability to move data between servers. It consists of a high-speed network of storage devices that connects the devices with servers. Many companies choose to deploy SAN because it offers better flexibility, availability and performance than direct-attached storage. Other reasons to use it are: You want better disk utilization. When your storage is in a centralized storage network you can manage everything as 1 entity You need a reliable disaster recovery solution. The upfront cost is high, but the benefits can be realized in just an hour after your system goes down SAN assures 100…

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Installing SAN (Storage Area Network) is a Worthwhile Investment for Business

It’s understood that most computers today are attached to storage devices. SAN (Storage Area Network) is designed for universal storage connectivity. SAN is designed to connect a number of computers to a variety of storage devices. This means computers are able to determine ownership and even share data when necessary. According to an article in MCP Magazine, “The general concept, is more about treating storage like a utility and actually having storage that can be provisioned on demand and decreased — really, a liquid type of storage that’s in a pool. So SANs, in general, if you’re talking to a purist, is more…

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