Getting the Best from Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the use of a variety of computing concepts to run programs or applications in many connected computers simultaneously. This mainly relies on sharing of resources, which allows companies to save on resources such as time and money to ensure that they focus on the growth, success and expansion of the business. According to Forbes, cloud computing is picking up steam rapidly. This is mainly because cloud computing has become a big deal such that it is changing the face of information technology in many organizations. There are two type of cloud computing, which are the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the…

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A Cloud Computing Glossary

If you are new to cloud computing or are beginning to move an IT network to a private or public cloud, here is a top list of terms that you should know while researching cloud solutions. Platform as a Service (PaaS) – PaaS is simply delivering Operating Systems (OS) to desktops as a service via the Internet. Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) – IAAS allows you to spin up additional machines in the cloud depending on your local networks bottleneck. For example, if your Active Directory (AD) servers get hit hard at a certain time of day, you can spin up additional…

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