IBM Servers

As small, medium and large enterprises have increasingly complex storage, data and network needs, they continue to invest in more sophisticated servers.  An IBM server provides a cutting edge solution with extremely powerful, reliable service. A typical IBM server has either 8, 10 or 12 cores with 2 all the way up to 16 terabytes of memory.  It also has 8 SFF bays and 2 to 16 sockets. Users have advanced customization and integration options as well.  It is one of the leading server providers on the market. With all of this power and functionality, a good data center is crucial. For…

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Endless Possibilities with IBM’s New Smart Chip

Have you heard of TrueNorth? It’s the recently unveiled smart chip from IBM that contains 5.4 billion transistors and uses only 70 milliwatts of power, according to a recent article from Inc. As a comparison, the modern Intel processor contains 1.4 billion transistors and draws more than 140 watts. But it’s not just the power-saving features of the chip that make it poised for great things. It’s what the chip can do. The idea for TrueNorth was first pondered six years ago and IBM and university researchers intended for it to mimic human biology, the article stated. Like a brain,…

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