Four Tips to Get a Good Value on the Servers Contract for Your Business

Once you have established that you are going with a colocation facility to house the servers for your business, there are several steps that you need to take to make sure you get a contract with good value. Determine How Much Physical Space You Need The amount of space you need should not be something you have to guess. It is important to measure and analyze the hardware you have or the hardware you intend on purchasing to avoid contracting too much physical space, which will unnecessarily increase the contract rate. Also, you should not worry about getting extra space on the…

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Five Factors to Look for When Using Cloud Computing for Your Business

We all know the value of cloud computing. It enables you to have a valid backup system that can be accessed any time so that, if your land-based system is temporarily down, it will still function as a service. It is convenient and automatic and takes much of the worry out of how to handle unforeseen disasters. However, how do you keep your data safe and know that you have a secure backup system? How do you know your cloud system is secure? What else do you need to ensure things will run smoothly in the event of downtime? Here is…

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Cloud Computing: Denial of Service Attacks

In a cloud computing environment, attacks on shared resources can compromise your cloud solution. It is important to have security in place for when your systems may become compromised. Additionally, managed services such as monitering can avoid many types of attacks. A Denial of Service (DOS Attack) causes increased loads on your servers and network that result in an overload and/or a failure. If a failure does not occur, response time will degrade and become unacceptable. You will lose the consumer to another web site. This ultimately will cost you money as your online presence will be down. For example, two cloud…

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