Why Web Design and Server Hosting Should Be Kept Separate

Many small businesses that want a website understandably appreciate the web designer who takes care of every aspect of its setup. The business owners are too busy running their companies to get involved in the details of setting up a website. Hence they outsource the entire process. However, allowing the web designer to take care of the hosting is a mistake. The web designer can host the your website either on his own server or with a hosting provider. A server is a computer that holds the website’s software files and makes the website accessible from the Internet. If the website…

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Is your company sending spam? How to keep your system from being utilized by spammers

Email spam certainly isn’t a new problem. Since the late 90s email spam has been flooding the inboxes of everyone from your grandmother to high-profile executives. It is, however, a persistent one, and the problems it presents can be multifaceted. When looking into spam prevention, there are a few things a company must consider in order to uphold their reputations and avoid their company getting a black mark on its reputation. 1. Prevent phishing scams One of the most common ways in which spammers harvest new email addresses is via phishing scams. These scams trick their victims into giving up their email’s…

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Advantages of Using a Data Center: Why Your Server Closet Won’t Cut it

Imagine you’re a chef trying to cook in a kitchen the size of a shoebox. While the space may work as you perfect your recipes, once you’re ready to expand, the lack of room will prevent growth. Similarly, businesses may start out with an onsite server closet and quickly find that the room doesn’t have the ability to expand with their business. Often, despite how integral these information centers are to the operation, they may be an afterthought to anyone except the IT department. That is until there’s a problem. On a good day, you’ll lose a few billable hours…

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