Mobile App Development Becoming a Greater Force for Competitive Businesses

The mobile app development revolution is often spoken of as if it is far from reaching its full potential. In general, mobile uptake for businesses is seen as a work in progress, and at times viewed as a transition that is barely in the process of revving up. However, there is a vivid sign that the move to enterprise mobility is in full-swing. A recent survey of mobile developers conducted by Appcelerator and IDC has revealed a very dramatic shift – the percentage of enterprise-focused development efforts will soon overtake the percentage of consumer application efforts. While we must account for the fact that…

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Integrating Mobile App Development into Your Business Game Plan

The importance of mobile app development in today’s business is more important than ever. With the increasing move of consumers to the mobile platform, you cannot afford to not be in this huge market. But where do you start? What if you have no programming knowledge or ability in this area? How will you keep up with the mobile world without being out there? Here are a few ideas to get started with mobile app development: Think of an idea that will benefit your customers. It doesn’t have to be earth-shaking. It just needs to be something that will be useful for your…

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Are You Losing Mobile Traffic Because of Sluggish Server Hosting?

Mobile Internet traffic is set to overtake desktop and laptop traffic this year according to emarketer. The reason is that mobile technology is fast becoming ubiquitous. When almost everyone carries around a device with Internet access, the chances are good they will use it for that purpose. While a small screen size is something of a hindrance, one eventually gets used to it. Mobile Internet access simplifies life when you can order something online while you are thinking about it rather than making a note to purchase the item when you get back home to your desktop. Doing something now rather…

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