Statistics Show Businesses Don’t Really Know What to Look for in an Email Scam

Email scams continue to plague businesses no thanks to most of those emails looking far too convincing. While it’s true that many fake emails look like they’re from official sources, statistics keep reminding us that personnel in businesses still can’t tell any difference. Recently, McAfee did a study showing only 3% of those surveyed correctly identified an email […]

Start Your Business Off Right with NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Although it may not be in demand right away, your need for storage as a business will grow. In the beginning, there is little data to work with and need stored, but it will change as weeks and months go by. Being ready for this new demand is essential, as opposed to handling it when […]

Speed Thrills – The Next Generation of SSD

“It wasn’t until I went to college and I got my first motorcycle that I understood the thrill of speed.”   -Vin Diesel Google wants to give your business a gigabit fiber connection to the Internet backbone, and Comcast is rolling out a claimed 2Gbps fiber network in Atlanta. In addition to these fiber offerings, the ever evolving DOCSIS specifications—already […]

Spam E-Mail: A Drain On The Economy

The average e-mail user knows the feeling of excitement when they discover they have an inbox of legitimate emails waiting for them. This feeling often evaporates and becomes disappointment when it is realized that the e-mail is nothing more than spam. It happens to virtually every e-mail user at some point or another. The feeling is […]

Setting Up a Storage Cluster

If you haven’t set up a storage cluster before, it can seem a bit daunting at first. You may not know how to begin or how it works. So let us help; here’s a guide to storage clusters. Storage clusters are a type of architecture that enables you to store data with redundancy. They enable you to […]

Servers vs Peer-to-Peer Networks for Small Businesses

Small businesses generally use one of two types of computer networks. These are the peer-to-peer network or the server-based network. For the very small business with up to about five computers, peer-to-peer is often used because they are inexpensive to set up. The employees using these computers typically work in close proximity and interact frequently. […]

Server Hosting: Where Do You Keep Your Data?

Client information, inventory, finances, accounts receivable, sales transactions, employee records, marketing projections, and information derived from analysis are just a small sampling of the kinds of data that businesses use to keep their operations going. Data is the life blood of a business yet you wouldn’t know it by the way many of them store […]

SAN (Storage Area Network) Global Market Sees Uptick

According to a recent report from IT-Online, the global market for SAN (Storage Area Network)equipment grew three percent in 2014, to $2.5 billion. After a decline in 2013, demand returned for equipment built to handle the server-to-storage-array of data center traffic, the report stated. The fourth quarter of the year saw growth of two percent, totaling $669 million […]

SANS Policy Templates: Disaster Recovery

The SANS Institute has published several information security policy templates describing best data security practices in template format. This largely means that you can ‘fill in the blanks’ when developing a security policy (although some modification will be in order for your specific circumstances). In this post we’ll look at the SANS template for disaster recovery planning. Disaster […]

Recover From Disaster Before it Strikes

Having a major incident is something no one looks forward to. But, not looking forward to, and intentionally avoiding discussing it are two entirely different things, and the key to recovering from a disaster is to have the discussions and implement the plans that arise from them today. Everyone hopes that it won’t happen to them, but […]