The Importance Of Paying For Your Server Hosting

For the small business owner or new startup, free server hosting can look tempting. However, unless the free service is run by a charity organization, it must have a business model. In short, they must generate revenue in order to maintain the service and make a profit. A common way to generate revenue is through […]

The Hidden Costs of Cheap Server Hosting

Most people get a feeling of satisfaction when they find a good deal, and in the world of web hosting, there is no shortage of these. For as little as five dollars per month, you get what seems like generous bandwidth and free one click installs of popular content management systems. You have access to […]

The Future is SSD

SSDs (Solid State Drives) are a lot less likely to crash or fail than hard disk drives because they don’t contain the moving parts of HDDs. This lowers their probability of malfunctioning, since any malfunctioning moving part of an HDD could cause the whole drive to fail or crash. SSDs are also faster than HDDs, which […]

The Four Most Common Business Continuity Missteps and How to Avoid Them

The importance business continuity can not be overstated, yet many businesses fall short in their planning efforts. That’s why we’ve compiled four of the most common business continuity pitfalls and how to avoid them. Not having a good grasp on the business: A business plan is incredibly important. If it is quickly disregarded or set […]

The Emergence Of Big Data In Marketing

No perfectly straightforward definition of big data exists, and there is plenty of ambiguity over what big data is, but most can agree it is a positive for marketing. Big Data at its core, in a marketing sense, is essentially the mass collection of data about customers and potential customers, and its ongoing analysis. Using […]

The Benefits of SSD (Solid State Drives)

For the vast majority of the history of computers, magnetic drives of one kind or another have been the normal form of storage. Magnetic drives have held so much appeal because they do not require constant power, and they are easy to overwrite and change data on (as opposed to an optical disc which is […]

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

If you’re thinking about leaping into the cloud, you’re probably making the right choice. For years, cloud computing has been growing, and it’s now a solid concept that is central to many company’s operations. It presents few problems, but comes with many benefits. Let’s talk about a few.   Cheaper Cloud computing is probably cheaper than […]

The Advantages of SSD (Solid State Drives) in Servers and Web Hosting

Solid state drives are the latest development in hard drive technology. If the name sounds familiar, that may be because it sounds very similar to its predecessor HDD or hard disk drive. Both types of hard drives are the nonvolatile storage on a computer, smartphone or tablet. This is the data that does not get […]

Taking the Buffet Approach to Cloud Computing

Few organizations survive without trial and error. What may work well today may not work tomorrow. While it is possible to build educated guesses on market fluctuations, no one knows the future. Uncertainty may be the reason companies have invested in a buffet style cloud computing approach. Why are organizations not focusing on one single […]

Take Advantage of Big Data for Big Results!

The buzz word in the IT industry used to be virtualization. Virtualization changed the landscape of IT and server consolidations became very popular. Next, cloud computing became the hottest buzz word followed by our favorite term, Big Data. What exactly is Big Data and how can you benefit from it? Big Data by definition is simply information […]