Questions You Should Be Asking Your Data Center Provider

You may be looking to consolidate applications and data resources into one scalable and reliable storage location.  Or perhaps regulations require that your data is stored in a facility with state of the art, and regularly audited, security features. Whatever your reason for looking for an offsite data storage solution, all data centers are not […]

How Colocation Services Can Fit in Your New Budget in 2017

Is your on-premise date center or server room at capacity? Don’t spend additional capex dollars by expanding before you consider Colocation. Moving your production and/or DR environment off premise and into a colocation facility has significant benefits. Security, scalability, reliability, multiple redundancy’s and a staff making sure it’s uptime is all the time 24x7x365. These […]

Data Center Infrastructure Trends 2017

Each year introduces us all to emerging technologies. Some of these new technologies will be nothing more than mere shiny objects, while others will resonate and disrupt the status quo. While it is good to keep your eye on what’s next, overall the 2017 trends summed up are all about making data storage infrastructure more […]

3 Things that Will Stop Your Business in Its Tracks

If you own or run a business, you understand how important it is to keep your business running all the time. As little as a day or two, or even a few hours of down time can ruin a good profits streak, and the effects can be seen for months, sometimes years. Unfortunately, as helpful as technology […]

5 Tips For Building A Foolproof Disaster Recovery Plan

In just one years’ time, the entire continental US can be battered with tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or winter blizzards. These acts of mother nature not only damage the environment, they can also devastate a company’s IT infrastructure. With so many dangers just a storm cloud away, it’s almost unbelievable that only 25% of small […]

6 Disasters Likely to Impact Your Data Center

Mitigating risk is a good practice for any business. When it comes to protecting your IT infrastructure, it’s as mission-critical as the data and applications it powers. Though downtime can arise from multiple seen and unseen factors, in a third of cases (33.9%) it can be attributed to one cause: natural disaster.But which are the […]

A Cloud Computing Glossary

If you are new to cloud computing or are beginning to move an IT network to a private or public cloud, here is a top list of terms that you should know while researching cloud solutions. Platform as a Service (PaaS) – PaaS is simply delivering Operating Systems (OS) to desktops as a service via the Internet. […]

Advantages of Using a Data Center: Why Your Server Closet Won’t Cut it

Imagine you’re a chef trying to cook in a kitchen the size of a shoebox. While the space may work as you perfect your recipes, once you’re ready to expand, the lack of room will prevent growth. Similarly, businesses may start out with an onsite server closet and quickly find that the room doesn’t have […]