Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

You can’t plan when or if a disaster will happen, but you can plan to resume business as usual with our robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services when disaster strikes

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The last thing your business needs is to experience the pain of not having properly prepared for the unexpected loss of your business data. Can you afford to lose even one day’s worth of data? Can you afford the costs of lost employee productivity and potential lost business? Are you taking the necessary steps to protect your essential data and to prevent compromising the reputation and trust you’ve worked so hard to build?

You can safeguard your business against events that take place beyond your control, such as natural disasters. At Global IP, we’ve spent the past 17 years helping our clients protect their business assets with our uninterrupted business continuity – Disaster Recovery Hosting Solution.

Our offsite backups of your mission-critical data, will help you minimize risk and quickly get you back to business We ensure the smooth recovery of your data due a local outage due or regional disaster. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide your business with critical technology platforms combined with fully managed IT infrastructure to ensure secure backups needed for HIPAA and compliance hosting required by government regulations.

With our 17 years of data center experience, we ensure that the solution you choose will be efficiently implemented, and scalable. We provide you with a redundant architecture which ensures that you no longer have to worry about data loss. O ur team works with you to build a custom solution which caters to your specific needs & guarantees that you will only be charged for the protection you truly need.

Is Your Business Disaster Resistant?

Global IP will help you streamline your costs and make your organization more productive! Please contact one of our solution consultants at 800.521.5881 or email us at solutions@globalipnetworks.com .

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