HIPPA, SOC-2, SSA-16, and PCI Compliant.


Our 24/7 Network Operation Center keeps your business safe.


We treat your business like its ours.


We manage, monitor, and maintain so you don’t have to.


The IT world can be a cold, disassociated place. Even if you push all the buttons on your phone, you’re still more likely to talk an automated robot than an actual human. Global IP is the caring person’s answer to the frosty, inhuman perception of information technology. Yes, servers, racks, the cloud – they’re all important, but the people protecting them are our real asset. Global IP Networks is the human IT Company.


Professional NOC Services

Whether you’re a small business or global enterprise, we make network monitoring our full-time job so you can do yours.

Office 365 Migration

Engage us today to migrate, manage, monitor and maintain your business critical information in the cloud.

Cloud Services

Enjoy uninterrupted business continuity at the hands of 24/7 cloud computing management experts.

Managed Security Services

Global IP Networks’ security solution delivers core functionality to prevent, detect and respond to attacks.

Disaster Recovery

Resume business as quickly as possible with our robust Business Continuity services when disaster strikes.

Backup and Storage

Our cost-effective backup and storage solutions lead the charge in your crucial data protection and recovery time initiatives.

Colocation Options

We offer full server colocation services from a single server to private cage colocation.

Managed IT Services

We will manage, monitor, and maintain your network and your support team so you can focus on your business.

I’m Hampton Keathley IV, Technical Director of and I’ve been a customer of Global IP Networks since 2008.