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Resources to support the internal IT functions for a healthcare facility are required to operate 24x7x365. These support functions are costly especially for critical care hospitals and integrated delivery networks. Many of these organizations struggle to provide the necessary support for their medical personnel when relying only on internal resources.

Transitioning to Managed IT Services for these functions allows healthcare organizations IT teams to provide the service levels their administrators and clinicians need at lower cost with higher efficiency.

IT infrastructure management and hosting done by a managed service provider delivers value to  your organization by eliminating the need to manage onsite datacenter, operationalizing your capital expenses for servers, storage and security  as well as eliminating the technical debt for infrastructure and support resources.  

Services for the Healthcare Industry

Cloud Services

Cloud Services


Cybersecurity & Compliance

Backup & Disaster Recovery

The healthcare environment is constantly changing with new regulations and evolving technologies. Healthcare payers and providers are continuously looking to leverage digital technologies to improve healthcare quality and enhance the patient experience.

Global IP Networks helps you stay ahead of IT performance issues that impact service delivery. We give you visibility into your network, infrastructure and applications to help you proactively address IT issues.

We help protect your organizations critical data and meet regulatory compliance requirements with strong operational procedures, security measures and controls.

Cloud Resiliency & Disaster Recovery

Data protection and privacy is always a priority for healthcare organizations.  As the global regulatory compliance landscape becomes more complex and demanding, Global IP Networks is helping organizations meet compliance challenges via offering a multi-cloud infrastructure that offers confidentiality, data integrity and portability.

Global IP also offers a Disaster Recovery (DR) program which enables continuous and automated disaster readiness, response and recovery for your business, systems and data.

Our infrastructure services are designed, built and managed with security, performance and scalability at its core. We comply with strict global data protection standards to ensure your security, privacy and compliance controls.

Global Care

Global Care

Global IP Networks offers a comprehensive set of IT Services for the Healthcare Industry

Cloud Services
Private - Public - Hybrid

Managing a cloud platform requires a variety of technical knowledge and a large time commitment, making it difficult for many companies to handle their platform by themselves. By outsourcing your cloud services, you gain a network of expertise while allowing you to better utilize personal resources.

We work with your team to architect and build the cloud  solution your business needs. 


Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

In today’s digital world, just about everything is stored, operated, and driven by technology. If you suddenly lost all of your equipment and most pertinent information and data, are you set up to quickly recover it?

You can safeguard your business from such a devastating loss by developing and implementing a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

We work with your team to deliver a  solid disaster recovery plan to minimize network downtime and enable your business to continue operation as soon as possible after the disaster.  

Security & Compliance Services

Risk assessments, business impact analysis, securing desktops, business apps, remote workers and critical infrastructure are more important today than ever before. 

We protect  your data from phishing attacks, malware and ransomware infections, enforce IT best practice and prevent data theft. 

We provide enterprise grade threat protection. 

Keep Business Running Smoothly with 24x7 Support

Your business relies on your technology running flawlessly to ensure your success. Running it smoothly requires a reliable and accountable IT service provider who is with you 24x7x365 days a year. 

Global IP Networks support team is on duty every hour of every day to assist you with everything from basic troubleshooting to proactive monitoring  and even the blue screen of death. Our engineers and network operating center teams are trained to address and remedy your IT issues. 

Speak with a Global IP Networks representative today and learn how we can help you manage your IT so you can focus on what matters most…. your business! 

Services Overview

  • Unlimited Help Desk
  • Backup Protection & Management
  • 24 x7  Monitoring
  • Ticketing System
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Cyber Risk Assessments
  • Patch Management & OS Upgrades
  • Central Antivirus and Spyware Management
  • Cloud Architecture Services
  • Cloud Monitoring Services
  • Email and Collaboration Services
  • Industry Compliant Datacenters
  • Storage Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Colocation Services
  • Data Migration Services
  • Wi-Fi Management
  • Disaster Recovery

What Our Clients Say

“Highly Recommended”

We have been using Global IP Networks since 2016 and they have been very professional and provide awesome service.  Their team is super responsive and continue to support us from day 1. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have 100% access to our equipment with the right protocols to keep us safe. We have had 4 power outages this year alone at our corporate facility nearby, but 0% downtime at the data center.  We highly recommend Global IP Networks.

Mike Wilkinson, CEO

“Outstanding Service”

I would like to take a moment to thank you and all of your staff for providing outstanding service to Owner Operator Services, Inc. during our move. Our new network went up without a hitch, our new phone system works great, and everything was coordinated very well.  Your staff is timely, anticipatory, customer focused and most of all, technically sound.  We look forward to working with you well into the future.

Anita Schoenfeld, President


Thanks again Global IP Networks for the outstanding job you do to our operations. It was crystal clear that you understood our infrastructure. I especially appreciate it when good engineers do their homework ahead of time and I seriously do appreciate the outstanding work you’ve done for us! Bravo!

Dave Perkowski, GM

“Definitely a Fan”

Global IP Networks has been the most stable data center I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been in a couple of them. I’ve been very happy with the services and things are working wonderfully. I’m definitely a fan of Global IP Networks!

Miranda Schwarck, Owner

“Couldn’t be More Pleased”

We migrated our servers to Global IP Networks in search of quality and reliable service. The experienced staff from Global IP Networks made our migration planning and execution went very smoothly and everyone has been extra helpful whenever we need assistance. We couldn’t be more pleased!

Mario Hernandez, CEO


After hosting our Educational Solution with Amazon and IBM for years, we finally decided to move all our systems to Global IP Networks. Their level of service is superior to any other company we’ve dealt with. If your business is looking for exceptional support, then you need to be with Global IP Networks!

Carlos Oliveira, President

“Won Our Trust”

As developers of online platforms and Data Warehouses, we depend on trustworthy business partners who can provide us with reliable infrastructure. Global IP Networks with their dedication to delivering top quality services and excellent support around the clock, have won not only our business, but also our trust.

Will Gunadi, Principal

“Exceeded Our Need”

Our network of more than seventy partner-schools in fifty-six countries on five continents depends on secure, stable up time for communication, video conferencing, file storage and more. The solutions and services offered by offered by Global IP Networks have exceeded our every need!

Dr. Brent Ray, Director

“Excellent Uptime”

Thank you for your flexibility and your ability to embrace our vision, which allow us to grow without having to make large investments of time and money. I used to be worried about our uptime, but not anymore after moving to Global IP Networks. We have happy customers because of your excellent uptime, network performance and support that’s always there to help us.

Jose Bravo, CEO

“Solid Provider”

Global IP Networks is a breath of fresh air. We finally found a solid provider with competent IT team who really cares about our business. Global IP Networks has served our needs since day one with great support and customer service. We will be happy to recommend Global IP Networks to anyone!

Tony Loe, CEO

“Strong Values”

We are very pleased with our new server setup. Thanks for everything you and your team at Global IP Networks do. You hold on to the strong values of company excellence as we do, and it shows in your attention to detail, service responsiveness, and integrity. We are looking forward to many more years of service with you.

Greg Wyman, President

“Never Let Us Down”

As the largest hosting provider in Dominican Republic, we need a solid data center to host our servers. Global IP Networks has been more than a provider for us. They have been our right hand in our infrastructure, support and colocation needs. Their service has been professional. Their remote hands are fast and dependable. They’ve never let us down!

Joman Sierra, CEO

“Highest Integrity”

We’ve worked with the Global IP team for over a decade and we consider them a true business partner. They power our hosting business with friendly, personalized support and reliability of service. The executive team is constantly checking in to make sure that they’re enabling our business to succeed. Rest assured that you’ll be working with a team of the highest integrity.

Arnav Kejriwal, Director

“Excellent Service”

Our quest in finding a reliable data center ended after we found Global IP Networks. The experience of having our servers hosted at Global IP Networks data center has been outstanding. The timely and personal customer service is excellent and the overall performance, flawless.

Hampton Keathley IV, Technical Director

“First Class”

We are pleased to announce we have partnered with Global IP Networks for our data center and co-location facility. We were excited to find a SOC-2 audited data center in Plano with professional staff that bent over backwards to help us every step of the way. If you are looking for a first class data center with first class people who care about your business then Global IP Networks is the company for you.

Sean Wade, CEO

“Friendly and Always Available”

Global IP Networks took a big initiative to engineer a solution to ensure that our network redundancy works perfectly for our mission critical operations. Their knowledge and great experience helped us tremendously. All their NOC staff members are very friendly and they are always available to help. Thank you Global IP Networks! 

Dick Cai, Owner

“No Longer Worry”

As a non-profit organization, we were searching for a solution to our server needs. Cost and efficiency are of utmost importance to us and Global IP Networks provides us both. We no longer worry if those seeking our assistance will be able to reach us as we experience outstanding reliability, uptime and support for our critical infrastructure. 

Pat Slayton, Executive Director
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