Jose Bravo

Thank you for your flexibility and your ability to embrace our vision, which allows us to grow without having to make large investments of time and money. Also, I used to be worried about our uptime, but not anymore. We have happy customers due to excellent network performance, uptime and great tech support that's always there to help us.

-Jose Bravo
Colombia Hosting

Global IP Network Services for Jose Bravo at Colombia Hosting

Data Center

Private cloud, built for mission critical and scalable operation for Lucent Institute

Network Management and Connectivity

Blended carriers, multiple and redundant 10G networks with high availability

IT as a Service (ITaaS)

24×7 Asset management, monitoring and security

Power Infrastructure

2N Power with redundant UPS and backup generators

Need help with IT and don’t know where to go?

Need help with IT and don’t know where to go?

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