Optimize Your Security Infrastructure

What Is Advanced Threat Security?

Virus and malware attacks today are increasingly evolving, and companies have to pay the price when they face critical issues, including loss of credibility and financial calamities. As a consequence, enterprises experience several problems that ensue from relentless cyber threats. Implementing a robust cyber security solution is extremely important for businesses to limit the scope of potential threats and attacks.

Besides basic security measures like data encryption, frequent system updates, password modifications, and prevention practices, what can you do to secure websites, email inboxes, and your cloud-based and business IT systems against virus threats and malware attacks? The next step is advanced threat security to prevent a system breach.

How Does Advanced Threat Security Work?

Our security system is a proactive solution tailored to defend against various hacking attacks and malware threats that target your confidential business information. Advanced threat security is incorporated in your systems via managed services along with several approaches and components. These include a combination of proficient IT agents, network devices, threats protection systems, email gateways, and a centralized console to manage threat alerts and defenses.

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Detect, Prioritize, and Mitigate threats
Find and eliminate malware and viruses before your data is compromised, and track any suspicious activity or attempt from unknown sources sandboxing, which isolates threats from critical systems and resources

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Monitor, Track, and Take Instant Measures
real-time defense against threats, prioritizing malware and virus via on a variety of service providers, regardless of where you are in the world

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Global Access to Sharing Networks
Utilizes international networks, which ensures superior protection worldwide

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Help Understand Malware Attacks
Identifies the employees being targeted by hackers, so you can modify employee training to secure your business IT system

Launch Your Advanced Cyber Security Program

Companies that employ advanced threat security programs are better able to detect attacks early as well as swiftly. Deploying our security program in your IT systems will help you formulate a response to mitigate the risks of malware attacks and manage viruses in real-time. Global IP Networks notifies you about the attacks, their severity, and early responses that are initiated to avert or mitigate the threat while minimizing loss of your data. Our solutions ensure the security of your imperative data and systems, no matter how severe the threats are or where the attack originates.