Why You Should Know More About Dell

Has Dell been making important strides these days? We think so, and wanted to share the news about this company’s recent reshaping. One of the giants of the PC world made the decision to take its brand private and they have come back swinging. It is a transformation, Michael Dell says, he actually started six years ago for several reasons. Now that the deal’s done, what can their customers expect?

According to Doug Schmitt, vice president for Dell Services Global Support and Deployment, they want to start identifying issues sooner before the customer even realizes there’s a problem. To ensure a smooth delivery of service, calling customers before they need to contact them is a sign of true customer care.
In a recent keynote speech, Mr. Dell stated that the company’s future strategy is aligned to four customer imperatives — transform, connect, inform and protect — which addresses the major technology trends of cloud, mobile, big data and security. What this means for the customer is that they are recommitted to providing complete solutions, including helping manage everything from the back end to all end points that connect to their servers and applications.
Also, Dell’s vice president of commercial sales operation, Bobbi Dangerfield has said: “We’ve always had a very maniacal focus on our customers, but, quite frankly, that focus got split some when we had to react and respond to our friends on Wall Street. And so I think we can take all that time and energy that we spent working on quarterly numbers, and you’re going to see a renewed sense of energy around our customers. And listening to them. We have innovations now in the way we use social media to listen to our customers and to get their feedback.
Now that the smoke has cleared, Dell is back up and running full speed ahead. In an interview with Time magazine Dell states that he “loves PCs and is highly committed to creating new innovative laptops and desktops” to support his customer’s needs. To talk more about this and for information on how our server hosting, business continuity and other services can help your business, please contact us today.

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