Why is Network Security so Important?

You’ve heard over and over again that network security is one of the most important things to the continuity of your business, and therefore its success. You haven’t heard wrong, but you may be wondering exactly why it’s so important. Most people only have a vague idea of exactly why the security of their network is so important. Here are a few things that you’re protecting.

Client information

You most likely store all of the information that you have about all of your customers on your network. If this information were to fall into the wrong hands, such as competitors, or even the general public, it would be a disaster.

Employee information

You also probably store any information about your employees on your network. Much of this information is very personal, and your employees are trusting you to take care of it. To lose this information would be to lose your staff’s trust. It would also greatly lower moral in the office for a long time, and could even lead to lawsuits. This is not a position you ever want to be in.


Your network supports more than data. It connects your employees to each other, and to your clients. A hacking attempt or a bad virus, even without stealing any information, could disrupt this communication. At the very least, this could cause your business to run less efficiently. At the worst, a major disruption in your network could disrupt your continuity by completely breaking the chain of communication between you and your clients.

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