What Should You Do in the Workplace if You Suspect You’ve Received an Email Scam?

Email scams are some of today’s most insidious threats to every company’s computer systems. And because they can spread viruses as well as compromise private information, it’s a common issue we see here at Global IP Networks that compromises data. It’s one reason why we provide a data center that keeps your information safe, especially as part of a business continuity plan if your network ever shuts down or is compromised.

But how can you manage email scams so they don’t become a major threat to your company? The best thing to do is set up a plan to check for email scams as an act of prevention in business continuity. Prevention is a much more successful tactic for business continuity than retroactively reacting to a threat.

Create a Policy to Be Cautious of All Emails

Far too many companies have been harmed by email scams because scammers and hackers have developed better methods of masking fraud. When you get an urgent email that appears to be from a major government agency or an important business contact, the immediate instinct is to open it up and respond. There has to be a policy among your employees to not automatically open an email or click a link just because it looks real.

How Do You Know if the Email is Real?

By running the email through security software, you can make sure it’s safe. But with all your data monitored 24/7 through our data center here at Global IP Networks, you can be sure your data won’t be compromised as a result of a mistake you made. Nevertheless, it’s easy to have someone in your company slip up when you’re getting hundreds of emails in a day.

Other than security checks, you can sometimes tell if it’s an email scam based merely on a slight misspelling of the company’s name. Read all the details carefully, and if it doesn’t look right, don’t open it.

Preventing the Stealing of Business Secrets

By using us as your server host, you don’t have to worry about an email scam compromising your personal business information. This may also include valuable trade secrets you don’t want someone to hack. Email phishing scams can open you up to these situations and could place your information in the hands of your competition or an international thief. With our round-the-clock monitoring, these kind of intrusions won’t happen.

Beyond dealing with email scams, keeping your data safe in our data centers will help you get back on your feet immediately when a disaster occurs. No longer do you have to be a sitting duck to the worst tech threats companies face today.

Contact us here at Global IP Networks so we can tell you more about our data centers and how affordable it is compared to running your own server. You’ll be glad you prepared yourself for the worst, even if email scams will continue to become more insidious and a threat to companies not prepared.

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